PC Game FuckedCompanyPro
Be the CEO of a Dotcom and get fucked. Increase your burn rate. Buy truckloads of scooters and pool tables. Encourage hackers to hack your website.
For PC, Win98 and NT
Incl. tutorial ("VC stands for 'victim'")
US$ 69.98

The FC Scooter 'Avantgarde' comes in FC red only, stainless steel* with high performance Firestone tires.

*(made of recycled Ford Pintos, almost stainless steel).

US$ 199.-
Did you ever wonder where those funny or interesting threads on the FC Board have gone ?

FC Board Motto
Don't forget the FC Board Motto "Censorship Is Good !!!!!". For your home or office (you better buy two pcs. for home AND office): The decorative marble plate in matching 'Retro Design' will calm you down whenever you miss a thread you were just about to post a message in.

US$ 259.-


FC Dart Set
Dartboard and 5 darts.
6 piece dart set for your office, applications in FC red (Pud poster not included).

Recommendation: Supplementary to the FC Board Motto Marble Plate.
US$ 49.95
FC Pool Set 
for knoa™ office pool tables. Applications and ball in FC red. New FC logo stickers will be posted by mail on a daily basis to subscribers of the 'FC Logo Of The Day Club'.

Your boss loves employees with attitude, show him who you are and what you think.
USD 199.-
FC Phones
Two (2) classical telephones in FC red (facsimiles of a '67 standard phone and a '91 cell phone, fully functional) - without any numbers. These telephones are the Official FC Board Moderators' Telephones, used for internal communication. 

The revolutionary Post Without Numbers™ technique implemented in the FC discussion board has been developed and tested on these phones.
'67 - US$ 69.95

'91 Cell - US$ 225.-

Initially developed for FC Board Moderators, the FC Board Congregation Mask is now available to all FC Board members and visitors (recommended for all official FC congregations or parties). Colors: silver/FC red

Further information on the next FC Board members' meeting will be posted on the FC Board.
(hmm, actually you will only know where the congegration is held, not the date ...).
US$ 199.-


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